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From the Ol Front Porch ....I just love to start my day talking to God and His Universe of Angels.

Today "our past" came to me- our past is just that past. It is part of our journey in life that helps mold us into who we have become.

I ask you my friend to "let it go" - embrace your past - the pain, the joy, the hurt and so on. Write "your past" on a piece of paper, record it on your phone - whatever works best for you. Embrace it.

Now crumble or tear up the paper or delete the recording with your whole heart bid it a farewell- let it go.

We can't go back and change anything but we can certainly embrace it and give thanks for our past as it's all part of learning - blessings in disguise.

Don't let your past hold you back any longer from being the true YOU! You are LOVE and JOY now take the true YOU and share it with the world.

❤️ to all and may God help you relieve you of your past and allow you to grow and be YOU!!
gin w.

<![CDATA[Forgiveness....allows one's heart to heal]]>Fri, 15 Jul 2016 22:38:07 GMThttp://sherrnc.com/blog/forgivenessallows-ones-heart-to-healSo as we go through life - we feel pain. Pain inflicted by another's actions. Yes the pain is real and yes with pain comes anger and sadness. 

In order to begin to heal forgiveness is essential in allowing one to move forward from the pain. Allow the emotions to flow, resonate on them if needed but know that forgiveness opens the door to healing.

Forgiving one's actions frees the heart to mend - it's liberating. Learn to pray for the one's who hurt you. Do not allow your heart to be consumed with bitterness - as bitterness is so toxic to a loving heart.

Coming from a life/marriage of Domestic Violence the one thing I am most grateful for is God allowing me the capability to LOVE!! One's actions does make ALL bad!

Free you heart, your spirit and soul - FORGIVE! 

<![CDATA[Be Still....Be Thankful]]>Fri, 29 Apr 2016 16:23:36 GMThttp://sherrnc.com/blog/be-stillbe-thankfulPicture
Be still my friend…………Be thankful

As I sit by the pond and marvel at God’s beautiful creations my mind defers to stillness………I see, sense and feel the -gentle breeze speaking to the water, the water replies with lovely little ripples,

Surfing the ripples, a small russet colored leaf as delicate butterflies pursuing dancing leafs of the mighty oak trees

Bees buzzing about the dandelions cherishing the sweet nectar as the billowy white clouds slowly waltz through the serine blue sky

A little tiny ant tickles as he perches on my toe…we sit in the moment, embrace the stillness and my heart full of thankfulness for this beautiful thing called life.

Take just a minute to be still…..be present and aware in the moment and be thankful – I promise you my friend it will refresh and soothe your soul.

                                                                                                                    Gin Wiltsey