You can help the horses

Other Gifts
Your donations of everything from computers to bandages allows us to use funds to support our campaigns and goals. Also consider donating stocks and bonds, real estate, or listing us in a life insurance policy.

Sponsor a Horse
You get the pleasure of owning a virtual horse while it is going through the process of rehabilitation and training. On the average, we spend $1,200 on every horse that enters our gates before it is ready to adopt.
Your gift of sponsorship to a rescue horse in our program helps us prepare a horse for its final adoption, which usually happens six months to a year after we first bring it into our rescue and helps us support the horses throughout our rescue efforts.

Nutritional Needs

* Triple Crown Senior Feed
* Purina Strategy Feed
* Beet Pulp Shreds
*  Fescue Hay                
* Acti Flex Joint Supplement    
* Salt Blocks

Gift Card to Local Stores:
Larry's Western Store, Archdale, NC

    Davis Feed, Randleman,NC
    Barn Loft, Thomasville, NC
    Tractor Supply
    Lowes/Home Depot


Barn & Stable Needs

* Pelleted Pine Shavings
*Corner Feed Buckets         
* Water Buckets
* Lumber (2x4, 4x4 etc.)
* Electrical Wiring              
* Stall door latches
* Water Hoses                
* Grooming Supplies

Farm Needs
*Tractor              * Farm Truck 
*Gator/ATV         * Manure Spreader
* Fence Post       * T-Posts 
* Corral Panels    * Gates
* Round Pen       * Electric Fencing
* Electric Fence Charger
* Horse Trailer